A struggle that’s really common to all dieters is how to sustain motivation. It’s easy when you drop the pounds quickly as the  water weight comes off, and then continue making progress in the early stages. But what happens when you reach a plateau and that weight loss stalls? You’ll probably  see your desire to choose weight loss over indulgent foods come and go, especially if your progress isn’t constant. Adapting your lifestyle to include more healthy habits isn’t a one-time thing; it’s a big decision made up of lots of little everyday choices. To ensure that your motivation to stay the course always runs high, here are a few simple tips you can try:

1) Use a food journal – Write down each and every bite you eat to hold yourself accountable. This record of your nutritional intake will become a powerful resource for helping you identify the habits that are holding you back. It also helps you keep track of what events in your life or emotions that are specifically derailing any progress, causing cravings or making it difficult to resist temptation. As an added bonus, food journals are really useful if you’re trying out an elimination diet. You can use it to keep a note of emotional and physical symptoms that come about as you remove and reintroduce food groups. Elimination diets are useful for identifying food sensitivities.

2) Find a diet buddy – Friends and family can provide great support along the way and company to celebrate your success with at the end. They can also form another method of accountability. In addition, they may have their own suggestions on easy recipes or other healthy eating tactics that they can share with you.

3) Try new recipes – Experimenting with healthy alternatives can keep your diet more interesting. Being adventurous can make following a diet more exciting and there are literally millions of recipes to choose from online ranging from local to global cuisine. You can’t possibly run out! Following a celebrity food blogger you like can give you a ton of new ideas and inspiration.

4) Use herbs and spices as often as possible to boost flavor – These won’t add any calories and may offer health benefits as well on their own merit. They are great for trying to cut down on salt and sugar.

5) Never start the day without a plan in place for what you will eat – Write an outline in your food journal, or choose the full recipes you’ll use ahead of time for the day. After a while, choosing healthy meals and snacks will be a no-brainer. Some dieters even make an entire week’s plan at a time. Sometimes people lose their motivation simply because of decision fatigue – having to keep thinking about what to eat can be exhausting! You can do it properly and cut this down to just a weekly meal plan.


6) Prepare food as often as you can ahead of time – This links up to the point above and will help you cut back on the time commitment it takes to eat according to plan during your busy week. Leftovers will keep in the freezer for weeks at a time.

7) Focus on food quality – Thinking about the health benefits you’ll reap from eating right, like increased energy and improved digestion, can be motivation on its own. It’s not just about weight loss! So if your weight loss has plateaued for a bit and you find your motivation is waning then think of another benefit to staying on your healthy eating plan.

8) Take a cooking class – Learning a healthy new method of cooking can jumpstart any stale diet routine. This is also useful to learn how to give your favorite meals a healthy makeover.

9) Set specific daily goals – Aim to accomplish one main dietary objective each day, even something as small as having a healthy breakfast, or opting for fruit for dessert over ice cream.

10) Take progress pictures – Doing so will help you see how far your efforts are getting you. When you see your motivation waning, pull out past photos to remind yourself how far you’ve come. Or keep an old pair of pants to slip on when you’re feeling discouraged. The number of the scale may not have changed or may even have increased if you have gained muscle but photos will give you better overall picture of your success.

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The bottom line is that maintaining your motivation won’t be challenging as long as you’re prepared for it. Motivation will be automatic when you see the results and these tips will ensure maximum and regular success. The biggest thing that you must make sure you’re doing is taking proactive measures so that you never experience low motivation – or can at least bounce back in no time. When you can catch low motivation as it first starts, you’ll be able to return to following your healthy eating plan quickly (and with a lot less grumbling). This will help you change your eating habits for the better over time and promote lasting long-term results. Maintaining motivation is a challenge you must expect and prepare for. If you fall off the bandwagon for a day or two, just get right back on. You got this!