Belly fat is the biggest trouble spot for most people, and unfortunately, the type of fat that tends to cling on to your body for dear life. Losing belly fat is not an easy task, but with the right approach, it is manageable. If you aren’t eating properly, though, you can give up hope of ridding yourself of all your belly fat forever! They say “abs are made in the kitchen” because diet is THAT important for success. But, besides just fitting into your pants better, it’s also important for overall health to get rid of abdominal fat. Increased waist circumference not only leads to a higher BMI but is a risk factor for metabolic syndrome, which is a precursor for diabetes and its related spectrum of diseases. That’s why this week we’re going to focus on key foods you can easily add to your diet that will help you shed your belly fat for good!


Did you know Beyonce lost 20 lbs. for her role in Dreamgirls by sipping on lemon juice mixed with other detoxifying ingredients? For over 60 years, celebrities and mere mortals like us have been using the Master Cleanse system to shed fat fast. Although there are dangers associated with adopting a crash diet like the Master Cleanse, science does offer some insight into just how lemon helps with weight loss. Lemons stimulate your liver to detoxify your blood. Lemons increase the peristaltic flow of food along the intestine and regulate bowel movement. These two benefits combined explain why lemon juice taken in the morning have been associated with weight loss. So, there’s no real need to take extreme measures for results. A simple cup of lemon water with meals will help greatly.


If you can only pick one good-for-you ingredient to focus on adding to your diet, go with salmon. This fish is one of the best protein sources, but it’s the essential fatty acids, or omega 3 fats, that you’re looking for with this one. Salmon is an excellent source of this particular kind of fat, and it’s going to help you to maintain insulin sensitivity, which can reduce the rate of belly fat accumulation. In addition to that, the omega 3 fats found in this food can also help to reduce the level of cortisol in the body, which will reduce its fat-storing properties. The more you can stabilize hormone levels in the body, the better you will be able to lose that fat from the abdominal region. Salmon is an absolutely delicious way to lose weight!


All foods contain some amount of calories. So the term negative-calorie food is probably a bit confusing. It basically means that the food is low on the glycemic index and requires the body to use more calories to digest it than what it actually provides. Asparagus, as well as many other vegetables, fall into this category. One cup of raw asparagus has just 27 calories but in exchange provides 3 grams of fiber, plenty of vitamin A and folic acid. However, because it is also high in vitamin K, people with blood clotting disorders or those taking blood thinners should talk to their doctor first.


One cup of cooked lentils contains 6.6mg of iron. This will help ensure that you maintain your energy levels all day long. Those who don’t get enough iron will often feel fatigued throughout the day. This could in turn lead to eating carbohydrate-rich foods in an attempt to get more energy. Only energy is not the problem – iron deficiency is! Since lentils are also quite low in calories, you can add it to your diet plan without worry. It’s a delicious ways to boost your intake of this very essential nutrient. In addition, their vitamin B content helps to further boost energy levels and they’re a good source of plant-based proteins.

Chili Peppers

This food is going to be very good for helping you eat less overall. Those who sit down to spicy meals will often find they won’t consume as much as they normally do because of the heat factor. In addition to this, chili peppers will also cause a slight boost to your basal metabolic rate, which is helpful in terms of allowing you to burn more calories all day long (even at rest!). The more calories you can burn on a daily basis, the faster you are going to be losing that belly fat. This is imperative to success.


Bananas are the next food that you should be making sure that you get in on your diet to burn off belly fat. They are a great source of both soluble and insoluble fibers, which are essential for stopping hunger pains. Bananas are unique in that they are also thought to contain resistant starch, a third type of fibre. This acts as a prebiotic to protect the bowel and provide food for good gut bacteria. The importance of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome in tackling obesity is becoming a more widely accepted idea in the medical community. If you eat a banana as a snack between your meals, you’ll take in only around 90-120 calories, depending on the size of the banana, and this can easily tide you over until your next meal. It sure beats getting a bag of low-fat chips from the vending machine, which easily provides 200 or more EMPTY calories. Snacking smart is vital to achieving a flat stomach.



Quinoa is the next food that will help to combat belly fat. Despite the fact you are trying to lose belly fat, you should never cut out all carbohydrates from your diet. Carbohydrates are important for providing energy, and they will actually help to keep fat-burning hormones, namely leptin, regulated at the proper concentration. Quinoa is a perfect carb option because, not only will it digest very slowly, but it is an outstanding source of dietary protein. Protein is essential for building muscle, which is something you’ll definitely want more off once you’ve lost all that fat. It also provides a good amount of fiber. The body doesn’t fully absorb all the calories found in the fiber-containing foods (as some will pass through the body undigested) and this acts as a small contribution to keeping your total calorie intake down.