As a doctor, I feel blessed to be able to help people stay healthy.
Using nutritional genomics, I can help you do this in a more personalised way so that you see results even faster.

Imagine if you could…

Figure out which foods give you maximum benefit without the endless confusion online.

Easily take the right steps to prevent a lifestyle-created illness that runs in your family

Ensure earlier success with your efforts – whether your goal is to lose weight, feel younger and more alert or to chase after your grandkids while still having the energy to run your business.

And all with just a painless simple swab of saliva.

10 years ago, I started my medical career wanting to help others live their healthiest lives. But out in the real world, the emphasis on merely reducing symptoms instead of finding the root cause of the problem became apparent.

Overprescription of medication and one-size-fits-all treatment protocols were the norm.

I quickly found out that I wasn’t adequately equipped to educate or motivate my patients on the importance of their lifestyle choices in disease progression and prevention. Even if I wanted to, the short consultation times made this impossible.

Don’t get me wrong.

Although prescription medication may not be appropriate in all cases, they do have their place in healthcare sometimes.

But, let’s face it. NOBODY likes taking medication, right?

So it’s crucial to make sure you don’t get to the point where you have to.



And, even when patients are given the generic advice to “eat a healthier diet and exercise more”, they go home to face the information overload alone.

They get bombarded with conflicting or even bogus information about health online. They become frustrated by the notion that there is only one correct way to eat for optimal health and weight control.

Many go on the latest diet trends and don’t see the results they were hoping for, lose motivation and end up becoming reliant on prescription medications.

Just because something is ‘healthy’, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.
Your genes can provide you with the answers you need to formulate a more precise action plan that will help you reach your goals.

I personally witnessed the power of applying nutritional genomics when my own husband developed high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels and became overweight.

Naturally, we both wanted to see results quickly and wanted the journey to be as painless as possible.

(Just like me, he loves to eat!)

By finding out exactly which lifestyle changes would have the biggest impact on him, we saw positive outcomes within just a few weeks.

He didn’t have to go through the trial and error of bouncing from one diet to the next before finding the one that worked best for him.

And, the best part is that he’s able to maintain this success without the use of medication.

By applying integrative nutritional genomics, I am able to provide the customised approach to healthcare that I believe everyone deserves.

Dr. Denise K Hee, Mb BCh BAO, MRCS, CIHC

I see these types of life-changing results with many of my clients.

This is why I want to spread awareness about the need for personalisation and why I continue on my mission to serve as many people as possible with this approach.

In line with this mission, I developed my signature online program, DNA Nutrition.

The overall aim of DNA Nutrition is to help motivated individuals create and refine a personalised action plan based on their genes so that they can optimise their health and maximise their performance in all areas of life.

I’m excited to be able to offer a program that eliminates the guesswork and provides a unique perspective on how you can best adjust your nutrition and fitness regimes to make your genes work for you.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are and it’s totally painless! Isn’t that great?

So, are you ready to get away from the generic approach and discover a genetic and more personalised solution?