Frequently Asked Questions

What is a certified epigenetic health coach?

A certified epigenetic health coach is an expert trained in understanding how lifestyle and environmental modifications can promote healthier gene expression. I use this knowledge to help you gain the tools and skills needed to achieve your self-identified goals.

These goals may be anything from losing weight to preventing lifestyle diseases; learning how to keep yourself and your family healthy to identifying the best foods that will help you age gracefully. I also provide support, accountability and help you formulate action plans. 

Having an epigenetic health coach in your corner will ensure you reach your goals in the most effective way. It is like having a teacher, friend, counsellor, and cheerleader all in one. I help identify manageable steps that you can take to not only reach your goals but also easily incorporate them into your life for sustainable results.

Do I need to have a serious health issue to benefit from having an epigenetic health coach?

No. I work with anyone who is fully committed and motivated to understand how to incorporate better nutrition and more precise changes in his or her life. I have clients with no major health issues and just wish to keep illness at bay. I also have clients who simply want to know how to cook better for their families.

As a medical doctor, I am able to help patients with a disease, but, absolutely anyone with an interest to be healthier can benefit from an epigenetic health coach.

Who can use a nutritional genomics test kit?

Anyone over the age of 18 can use the test kit provided that they can sign a form showing that they understand what they are doing and are providing informed consent. Pregnant or breastfeeding women can use the test kit. It’s a simple painless test that uses a cotton swab to collect the sample from inside the mouth.

How are the genes tested in the kit chosen?

The genes tested are those that are relevant to nutrition and fitness, amenable to healthy lifestyle changes and backed by enough evidence in the form of human clinical trials to satisfy the laboratory’s scientific standards. Genes do not change with time so you’ll only have to do this particular test once in your lifetime. However, on occasion, the company may update their offering and more genes may be available for testing. In these cases, you may need to submit a second sample.