To save you time, I have gone through Amazon to find the BEST products they offer for improving health and wellness. Please read through my comments under each item.

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Herbs and spices are a MUST if you are trying to make your kitchen healthier. Not only are they delicious substitutes for salt and sugar, they each confer specific health benefits. Many have been used in Ayurvedic and other traditional forms of medicine because of their healing properties. Look for organic, gluten-free and fair trade brands.
Superfoods are another must have! I have used cacao nibs in this example, which are high in magnesium. Of course there are many other examples of superfoods. They should really be considered as pantry staples.
For food storage, I like glass containers. Look for BPA-free ones which can be used in dishwashers, oven and freezer to make your life super easy! This particular brand is reasonably priced for 18 containers.
Ceramic-coated cookware offer the convenience of non-stick cookware like Teflon but without the toxic cancer-causing compounds. Look for PTFE and PFOA-free brands, like this one.
Spiralizers offer a great new way to add vegetables into your diet. You can use this to make vegetable-based noodles if you are looking to cut pasta from your diet. They also make salads look incredibly pretty!
I personally use this because it helps me easily keep track of my water intake throughout the day. (I love Joseph Joseph products in general because they are really innovative and so colourful. I also have their folding chopping board!)


Blackout blinds ensure your room is as dark as possible and increases melatonin production. This particular brand is portable so you can take it with you when you go travelling.
LED lights emit the most blue light, which interferes with our circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle). These Circadian LED lights mimic natural sunrise and sunset, can be set to your personal lighting preference and can be controlled from your smartphone.
Muse headband is your personal meditation assistant but it also trains your brain to enter into the state of alpha-wave pattern faster and easier. Exhibiting alpha-wave patterns is akin to being in a very relaxed state and helps you to doze off into the deeper stages of sleep.
This is just one example of the large variety of eyemasks available on Amazon. You can continue browsing after clicking this link. Look for one that is made of breathable material, is lightweight and black.
This alarm clock wakes you naturally with gradually brightening light – helping you feel refreshed, alert and energised. It also has extra sounds if you prefer. You may need to cover the number display itself to ensure your room is totally black when you go to sleep.
These bedsheets are also just an example of the many choices available. Go for the highest thread count you can afford. Sense of touch is important in helping us relax too.


If you have ever seen shoelaces, you might have noticed little plastic things at the ends that prevent the ends from fraying.  Telomeres are very similar and they ensure that the DNA stays intact after each cell division.  Although telomere shortening is an underlying mechanism to aging, there are many lifestyle aspects that we can use to counteract it.  One of the big concepts they mention in the book is that how we visualise our aging process can actually make a huge difference.