Do you want MORE ENERGY to enjoy the money you work so hard to make?

Do you want to STOP WORRYING ABOUT CALORIE COUNTING and focus on eating food you love?

Do you want to make sure your later years are HEALTHY AND VIBRANT; not spent battling disease?

Do you want to know the PROVEN SCIENTIFIC WAY you can look and feel amazing quickly?


See what some of my clients have to say:

I help you fuel your body

with foods that best fit your DNA

so that you can perform at your peak everyday.

It was previously thought that our genes dictated our disease destiny.

Modern science has shown us that this is no longer the case.

Environmental factors like the food we eat, our stress levels and sleep quality, can alter how our genes are expressed.

This means that your lifestyle choices, not just your genes, dictate your health and overall well-being.

Epigenetics is the field of science that demonstrates this and the specific study of how our genes interact with food is NUTRIGENOMICS.

Just because it’s meant to be healthy,

doesn’t mean it’s healthy FOR YOU.

Now it’s time for nutrigenomics to help YOU!

Clinical studies show that people on a genetically-matched diet lost almost twice as much weight than people on generic nutrition plans

Maximise your detoxification ability

Find out about specific food intolerances

Ensure your body is getting enough micronutrients to improve your overall wellbeing

Find out whether you are at risk for certain metabolic disorders so that you can act before symptoms appear

Stop wasting your time with trial and error!

Get started on the right path

by finding out your unique genetic blueprint.

Using a nutrigenomics test kit is simple and painless!


  1. All that’s required is a saliva swab.
  2. The test kit is sent straight to your door.
  3. Your DNA is kept fresh using a special capsule as it makes its way back to the lab for analysis.
  4. Your information is kept safe and secure according to international privacy laws.
  5. You’ll get a PDF copy of your results so you can refer back to them whenever you need to.

Here’s what’s tested with the kit:

You also get your fitness genetic analysis as a bonus!


This will tell you:

  1. whether your body responds better to power or endurance exercises
  2. how to optimise your recovery periods
  3. your susceptibility to injury

But I don’t just help you understand your DNA,

I help you harness it’s full potential!

Finding out your genomics allows you to customise your eating plan. It’s revolutionary!

But knowing your genomic blueprint is only HALF the story.

My coaching packages include follow up consultations where I lend my support in implementing the necessary lifestyle changes that will allow you to MAXIMISE YOUR GENETIC POTENTIAL.


Who can use the nutrigenomics test kit?

Anyone over the age of 18 who provides consent can use the kit.

How are the genes tested in the kit chosen?

The genes tested are those that are relevant to nutrition and fitness, amenable to healthy lifestyle changes and backed by enough evidence in the form of human clinical trials. It is important to understand that genetic information does not change with time. This means that while the report may come back and say you are born with an increased need for vitamin B, it does not mean that you are not getting enough vitamin B at the moment. It is also important to understand that both genes and the environment determine a person’s characteristics. The results cannot solely predict a person’s observable traits.

How do I receive my results?

You will receive your results in pdf format so you can download them and keep them forever.

How long will it take to receive my results?

This depends on the posting method you choose. DNAFit has a special relationship with Fedex courier company to ensure that any swabs are properly handled and processed without problem in customs. (Please make sure it is marked as having no commercial value and “plastic tube” in the contents description)

Fedex normally takes about a week for the sample to reach back to the lab. Once DNAFit receives the swab, you should get your results within 14 business days. Sending the swab by normal post can take up to 6 weeks, depending on where you live.  But either way, the DNA on the swab will be accurate in its results as it can last up to 3 months. The unopened test kit can last for 5 years.

What happens if my swab gets lost?

I will send you a second test kit at no extra cost!

What if I am unhappy with the service?

I am more than happy to answer questions you might have before you purchase the package. Please don’t hesitate to email me. If the swab has been sent out from the UK and you change your mind, I will be able to provide 50% of your money back. This can ONLY be sent through Paypal. However, once the swab has been used, has reached back to the lab or your results have been processed, I will be unable to provide you with a refund.

Still not sure if this is right for you?

You can read about my own experience HERE or see an example of the results you’ll receive below.

Loving disclaimer: The content of this program is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases. It is intended to be provided for informational, educational, and self-empowerment purposes only. Please consult with your treating physician or wellness team if you have any questions regarding this whole foods program, so that you can make your own well-informed decisions based upon what is best for your unique genetics, culture, conditions, and stage of life.